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Incline Platform Lifts

Incline lifts are suitable for straight and curved stairways, and can be folded out of the way when not in use.  Depending on the type of building, they can also be parked away from the stairs when not being used, thereby minimising any obstruction. 

PDF Datasheets Platform Stair

Logic (Straight stair) Technical Datasheet

Slim (Curved stair) Technical Datasheet 

This is just a small selection of our data sheets. If these do not answer your questions or for more information please email or call us and we will supply one that is specific to you.

Incline/Platform Wheelchair Stair Lift

The Platform Stair Lift

Platform Stair Lifts are a completely different product to Vertical Platform Lifts. They are designed to work on either straight stairs or stairs with intermediate landings and curves, both internally and externally.

The guide rails are usually wall mounted. However, if the wall is not suitable they can be mounted on stanchions fixed to the floor.

An important consideration for Platform Stair Lifts is emergency evacuation. It is essential to make sure that the lift will not obstruct an emergency exit route when it is installed.

These lifts have a parking feature whereby they can be folded against the wall when not in use so as to give clear access on the stairs.

Benefits of the Slim and Logic Platform Wheelchair Stair Lifts

• When not in use the safety arms tuck safely and tidily away

• Radio linked landing controls eliminate trunking and wiring

• Modern aesthetic design

• Can be painted any RAL colour

• Internal or external options

• Can accommodate multiple landings (Slim)

• Battery powered, eliminating unsightly cables

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